Halina Mihutskaya

Halina Mihutskaya
Photo by Jagoda Lasota

Welcome to the vibrant world of transformative acting! I'm Halina Mihutskaya - an actors' trainer, performer, and dramaturgist with over nine years of independent acting experience in Odesa, Ukraine. Having delved into the rich tapestry of the European theatrical tradition, including training at esteemed institutions like the Grotowski Institute and Odin Theatre, I bring a unique perspective to the art of acting. Being an actress, having big on-stage experience and knowledge of both dramatic and physical theatre helped me to develop a course focusing on actors’ body potential and helping beginners as experienced actors develop and widen their acting tools. I was leading classes and workshops in Odesa at TEO theatrical space and Remarka Film School in Odesa Film Studio.

I moved to Amsterdam in 2021 to study and graduated with honors in Arts, and I reignited my artistic journey in July 2023 in Amsterdam. Since then, I've hosted dynamic acting, voice, and movement workshops for diverse communities, contributing to exhibitions and working with acting groups. My passion for storytelling led me to debut as a playwright in Odesa with plays like "Faith" and "Quarantine for Three." In 2023, I translated and directed the English version of "Quarantine for Three" at Mezrab, showcasing my commitment to cross-cultural artistic expression.

While expanding my horizons at Zid Theatre, I completed a program in physical theatre and embarked on the development of a solo performance. As my journey unfolds, I invite you to explore the art world with me. Stay tuned for exciting upcoming projects!

Let's embark on this artistic journey together!