Halina Mihutskaya

Quarantine for Three - poster Quarantine for Three - rehearsal
Quarantine for Three - reading
Photos by Jagoda Lasota

The culmination of my on-stage experiences and the multitude of theatrical pieces I've delved into marked the point at which I began writing my own works. In 2020, I penned my play, "Winter," following which "Faith" and the onset of COVID-19 served as catalysts for the creation of "Strong Woman." In my plays, I place particular emphasis on human relationships within constrained circumstances, examining them under a symbolic magnifying glass.

In 2021, with the support of the Museum of Modern Art, I organized stage readings of my plays "Faith" and "Strong Woman" in Odesa, Ukraine. Subsequently, in 2023, I translated "Strong Woman" into English and retitled it as "Quarantine for Three," debuting it in Amsterdam at Mezrab.

Currently, I am in the process of developing several plays, including "Tram Goes in Depot."